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Three-dimensional Collage: Recombinant Sculpture with Kathleen Skeels- a class for students with some experience in handbuilding.

Choose a clay and begin your sculpture.  The particular handbuilding technique you use, (coils, drop molds, template, solid), will largely determine the final aspect of the sculpture.  A drop mold allows for smooth gentle curves.  Working solid, you might create a rough, convoluted, craggy mass.  Combine these techniques and unexpected, surprising contrasts emerge- a hybrid vigorous 3D collage!  Drawings and maquettes will help us imagine a piece before launching into the craftwork, and possibilities for surface design will be fully explored.  (this is primarily a high-fire class)

Class dates: Thursdays, 1/12-3/16    
Class time: 10am-1pm

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