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Raku magic with Mark Strom and Denise Minard

Raku firing is an exciting and lively way to experience the ceramic magic of changing materials, melting glazes and the effects of combustion on the clay body and the glazes.  Two of our resident-artist-pyro-magicians will give a workshop on July 9th for up to 15 people.  Glazes and firing are included in the price of the workshop, as well as ideas of how to glaze for effect.  Mark and Denise will help you glaze and there will be several successive firings.  We'll try for Saturday the 9th with a back up on Sunday the 10th, if it rains on Saturday. 

Each person should bring 3 pieces of fired bisqueware for the firings (nothing too big, please). The preferred clay body is OH Woodfire. If you would like to use another clay body please discuss it with Denise or Mark. (email here if you want to reach them).  If you have extra bisqued pieces, you might bring them along, but don’t count on getting them into a firing.  We’ll adjust to what people bring.  

Workshop date  July 9 with a back up day for July 10, if it rains on the 9th
Workshop time  10am-3pm

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