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Pulling it together- a ten-week seminar-style class with Jen Mills on developing your ceramic practice


If you are at the point where you want to take some risks and develop new skills to better understand and promote your work, this seminar may be just the ticket. Join this friendly and welcoming group of fellow makers where each week we will cover a new topic to help you identify and clarify your goals. We will go over how to write an artist statement, photograph your work, and start a website. We'll talk about different ways you can show and sell your work, how to set up different types of studios at home and elsewhere, and visit at least one artist’s studio and visit a ceramic show for inspiration. This is not a ‘making’ class, rather we will be developing your skills for seeing your work so you can identify and set up goals for whatever level you are at. Let's pull together! (Note: you are allowed to use the studio outside of class time, as all the other SPCS students.)

Class dates: Thursdays, 1/11-3/14  
Class time: 10am-1pm    $425